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 Stealing Jason Wilde has got it all—a tall, dark stranger, a beach house in the Hamptons, food, wine, shopping, more food, a gorgeous actor, kidnapping, more wine...and a group of kick-ass women having the adventure of a lifetime.

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You know that famous saying, “What happens on Dune Road, stays on Dune Road?”

Wait—maybe it’s really not that famous. The famous version is about Las Vegas. But are you familiar with the concept? That there were some places in the world where your choices were based on a completely different reality, and your actions had consequences unimagined in your day-to-day life? Where you were allowed, even encouraged, to behave in a different way, and above all, it was understood that those separate worlds must never intersect?

That’s 461 Dune Road. It began as a joke, of course. Seriously, how much trouble could a bunch of fifty-ish ladies from Hopewell, New Jersey get into in the Hamptons? Especially before Memorial Day, when the place is practically deserted, (because we never could have afforded to spend a whole week in a beach house in Westhampton Beach during the high season).

But we always said it, on those first nights together, after we’d unpacked all our stuff and opened the wine and trooped out to the beach with those cute red plastic cups. We’d stand right at the edge of the ocean, ankles turning blue from the cold water, and toast to another ladies’ week away, and one of us would always say, “Remember, what happens on Dune Road, stays on Dune Road.”

Then we would all laugh.

Because in six years, nothing had ever happened that warranted such a dire oath.

But then, of course, something did.


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